Art Gifts For Book Lovers That Won't Miss The Mark

In my experience, an integral part of the holiday season is giving (and receiving) well-meaning-but-not-quite-right presents. I have a really hard time identifying what exactly my family members like and, let’s be real, everyone has that aunt that sees ‘Salem’s Lot on your bookshelf and takes it as their cue to give you Twilight. I love to give people books, but it's so easy to miss the mark. Maybe the perfect gifts for book lovers can be aesthetic. After all, every reader needs a cozy reading room.

This year, I thought I’d try to make things easier for people like me, looking for something to give those literary nerds for whom it is so difficult to buy presents.

Literary gifts that aren’t books

My latest project is a series of digitally painted book stacks, sorted by genre. Each book was lovingly sketched, hand-lettered, and painted with über realistic watercolor brushes. This project was born from a lack of gift ideas but served a dual purpose as a big step in conquering my fear of digital paint.

The first released in the series is a back-breaking stack of classic horror novels. This collection could keep even the most devoted horror fans up at night, reading and listening carefully for a tap-tap-tapping at the bedroom door.

The second is an equally heavy tower of acclaimed sci-fi classics. Before A.I. and robots were a part of our daily lives, the futuristic technology was dreamed up by forward-thinking writers like Octavia E. Butler and Isaac Asimov.

These posters are the perfect gifts for readers, writers, teachers, or anyone who loves a good book.


Unique gifts start with a sketch

High-resolution digital watercolors are perfect for wall prints

To buy a print for the bookworm in your life (or yourself) visit my Etsy shop today. Place your order before 12/2 to receive your poster in time for Christmas.