Istanbul III: Hoşça Kalın

I've spent a week procrastinating on posting the last of my Istanbul photos. I'm still not prepared to admit to myself that the trip is over and that I'm back to my regularly scheduled programming. (I guess it's lucky that my next adventure to St. Louis, Missouri is in t-minus seven days.)

Alex posted another entry on his blog, this time featuring a video detailing just how difficult it is to make Turkish coffee. Check that out here.



Alex and I have a pre-established penchant for creepy underground tunnels (thank you, Edinburgh) so when we found out Istanbul has a cistern complete with giant medusa head columns, we were excited. I only took a couple pictures thanks to the dim lighting, but I'm pretty psyched on how this one turned out.


Galata Tower sticks out of the Beyoğlu skyline and the view from the top is amazing.

This polaroid was the both the last shot in the pack and the last photo I took in Istanbul, which felt fitting. It was an amazing adventure and I really can't wait for the next one.