Istanbul II: Kaleidoscope Sky.

While I indulge my wanderlust with photographs, my partner-in-blogging expresses his with words. Alex posted a piece earlier today (which was tonight for him since he's one of them crazy time travelers) about our adventure over on his site. To tie his post to mine, we're going to start things off with a photo of a cat. Why? Read his piece here to find out.


My friend sent me a buzzfeed article before I left that listed the top coffee shops in the world because luckily for us (and our caffeine addictions) one of them was in the Taksim neighborhood. If anyone is ever in the area, Kronotrop certainly lived up to its hype.


I had to cover my head before going into the mosques so I bought a scarf of my own. I never did get the hang of keeping it in place.

I've never seen something quite like the mosque's ceiling. It was a kaleidoscope of tiles and I was terrified I wouldn't get any pictures that could accurately portray just how expansive and amazing it was.


Istanbul is a unique city in the fact that it is split in half by the Bosphorus and because of this, it rests on two continents. Alex and I took a ferry across to the Asian side because, hey, why not?

We saw a minimum of five kids who played accordion for lira.

Next time, Hagia Sophia, Galata Tower, and Basilica Cistern! That'll be up sometime this weekend.

PS: If anyone ever wanted their head to look like Nemo, I know the place for you.