Boston Calling.

Last year, I transplanted myself from the eternal summers of Southern California into the actual Winterfell that is New England. Winter just kept coming and coming and "unprepared" proved to be a severe understatement. To be honest I'm not convinced it's ever going to end but even the sun gets tired of hibernating once and awhile. On the first sunny day Boston had seen in months, my friend Mike and I decided to go on a photographic adventure from Cambridge to downtown via a bike path near the Charles.


Mike wanted to test out his newly acquired, pocket sized film camera and obliged me in taking a few shots of me on my 7D as well.


 I wanted to test out the lens I recently bought off my boss (thanks Nick) and didn't think far enough ahead to realize that while the lens does close ups beautifully, it isn't meant for landscapes. I should have brought one of my other lenses along for the ride but at least I've learned for next time.

We're climbers so, naturally, that meant hanging off of bridges and out of trees.

In just over a week, I'll have lived in Boston for a year. It's still surreal to me that a city like this exists at all, let alone that I'm a part of it. A series of happy accidents coupled with incredible luck have led me to the people and places I have in my life right now and I'm grateful. Everything is pretty beautiful.