A Month in Review.

My poor blog has gone terribly neglected in the wake of an incredibly busy month so here's where I get to play catch-up. I've also begun something of a photo-a-day project on my instagram now that I have a functional phone so I'm going to include a few of those as well.


At the end of May, I worked Boston Calling - a music festival filled with bands I love. I more or less got paid to see Brand New and needless to say, I was very happy.


I went to my first east coast beach! We ventured out to Ipswich with a slight detour through Salem on the way back. Word to the wise, the Salem Witch Dungeon was the best/worst idea we could have had.


General adventuring around Massachusetts.

2014-06-14 13.57.56.jpg


I went to New York on Monday to see my awesome friend from California, Tomm. I haven't seen him since New Years-ish so I decided to take the bus down despite working both the morning before I left and the afternoon I came back.

The morning started off with a crazy fitness shoot behind the wall at BKB, which I will get to in the next post. But all in all, it was a great way to spend 24 hours.

Four weeks, four sets of pictures. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming from here on out. If you want to follow my iphone photo project, you can do so on my instagram.